Privacy Policy

At shubh lagan we fully understand your concern when it comes to search for a life partner. We are committed to safeguard your privacy and safety and also try our best to understand your preferences. To this end, we have taken several steps to ensure that your experience remains enjoyable and rewarding. Here are a few tips on how to utilize the different features of the site.

  • Profile/Photo Privacy: shubh lagan  provides the most granular control of different parts of your profile both in terms of visibility and capability to contact. You can control the visibility settings of your profile and photograph individually. You can filter people from contacting you based on their age, religion, mother tongue, caste, and country. Do not want to be hassled with contacts for some time? Just hide your profile in the site. All these are as easy as turning a knob on your radio.
  • Tracking: We meticulously track our users’ actions. This involves tracking their IP addresses from where they login/register and as well as archiving all their contact details. However, we do not make anything publicly available. Tracking helps us to pin down rogue profiles in case of any problems/complaints.
  • Abuse Issues: We take abuse issues very seriously and look to see that profiles causing complaints are removed from the site promptly.
  • Intelligent Matching : Our intelligent matching software understands your taste and brings to you, through match alerts and other services, the best matches to you among millions of profiles available in the site. So while you continue with your busy schedule we keep your interests in mind and constantly look out for that perfect partner you came to us for!
  • Screening: We screen all the profiles that come to us. 

We believe that we can make your partner search in our site, safe, private, hassle-free, and enjoyable.

Shubh Lagan Team